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Fitbit Sleep Profile Features: What it is, how it works, compatible devices and more

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Fitbit is already known for its best fitness and sleep tracking in its class, but the company is constantly working to improve them. Google-owned Fitbit has now announced a new premium Sleep Profile feature that will be available in select smart watches and fitness bracelets. In this article, we’ll look at what the Fitbit sleep profile feature is, how it works, compatible devices, and how you can use it on your Fitbit device.

What is the Fitbit sleep profile feature?

Fitbit Sleep Profile Source: Google

Sleep is very important for a person. Quality sleep plays a vital role in overall health and well-being. Poor sleep quality can lead to increased health risks, including diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity, cognitive impairment and more. To provide information on how users can improve their sleep (leading to better overall health), Google has introduced a new Sleep Profile feature for its Fitbit devices.


Sleep Profile aims to provide users with information about their sleep and how they can improve it. It analyzes your sleep through 10 key metrics, calculates your sleep trends and then compares them to what is typical for your age and gender. After comparing the results, you will be given a “Sleeping animal” (more on that below) and tells you where you can improve your sleep. This feature is similar to how sleep coaching works on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Google says it has studied more than 1,000 different features, 22 billion hours of sleep, and 1.87 million sleep records before adjusting it to 10 key metrics. It provides you with an overview of sleep plan variability, time before healthy sleep, length of sleep and more. Fitbit gives you the ideal ranges for each metric – and where you fall in each range – so you can try to improve your sleep.

How does it work?

Fitbit Sleep Profile Source: Google

To enable the sleep profile feature, you will need to bring your compatible Fitbit device to sleep for at least 14 nights in a calendar month. The more you fit Fitbit during sleep, the more accurate and accurate the analysis. After you wear it 14 times (or more) a month during your sleep, Google will provide you with your sleep profile the next month.

To make it easier (and more fun) for you, Google combines your sleep patterns with animal sleep patterns. This cute animal icon will indicate what type of sleep you are and what your patterns suggest. For example, if you get a giraffe, it means you tend to sleep later and wake up earlier while you have a relatively good amount of deep sleep. Similarly, if you are assigned a dolphin, it means that you tend to fall asleep later than most others and sleep for a shorter time.

The first of each month you will be able to see your Sleeping Animal and what it means. Google says that the animals you receive can change from month to month, and that there is no “perfect” animal – each of which can be used to better understand your sleep patterns and how you can improve your sleep quality.

It is worth noting that the upcoming Google smart watch, Google Pixel Watch, will include Fitbit features for health monitoring. This means that the new Sleep Profiles feature could make it into the company’s first smart watch. And it’s not just Google; Other companies like Apple are also working to improve sleep tracking features. The Cupertian giant has announced its enhanced sleep tracking feature, which will be available on all supported Apple Watch models with watchOS 9 later this year.

Compatible devices

Fitbit Sense All Colors Source: Fitbit

Google says the Sleep Profile feature is already available to premium users. For those who don’t know, Fitbit offers a premium membership, where it offers paid members some exclusive features, such as sleep profiles in this case. In the United States, it costs $ 9.99 per month. Here are all the devices that are compatible with the Sleep Profile feature:

  • Meaning
  • Version 3
  • Version 2
  • Charge 5
  • luxury
  • Inspire 2

The company says users will receive their first sleep profile in the week of July 4th. The following profiles will be delivered on the 1st day of each month.

Fitbit Sense in gray

Fitbit Sense

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Picture of Fitbit Charge 5 in black

Fitbit Charge 5

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