US to provide more than $800 million in new humanitarian aid to Syria

US to provide more than $800 million in new humanitarian aid to Syria

“This war has been going on for 10 years and ordinary Syrians are suffering. People are starving. Medical supplies are not getting through. The United States is the largest humanitarian donor at any level. United States to support those in need, wherever they are,” Thomas-Greenfield exclusively told CNN.

The new funding – the largest amount ever given by the United States at this Syria conference in Brussels – comes as the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine also continues to grow, with millions of refugees fleeing the country in due to the Russian invasion.

“Aid to Syria will not be affected in any way by what we do in Ukraine. And this promise that we are making shows that,” Thomas-Greenfield said.

There are growing concerns about the maintenance open of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing between Turkey and Syria, which is the only border crossing now open to humanitarian aid. A UN Security Council resolution to keep it open for a year will expire in July. The subject of this border crossing will be at the forefront of the UN Security Council in the months to come.

Thomas-Greenfield called on Tuesday for the crossing to remain open, given the vital support it provides. She also called for expanded access to Syria for humanitarian aid.

“It’s a matter of life and death,” she told the conference.

It is unclear whether Russia – which has resisted opening border crossings to Syria in the past – will support keeping the crossing open this time.

“We think it’s in Russia’s interest to keep this border crossing open,” Thomas-Greenfield told CNN, “because otherwise you’re going to starve millions of people in Syria to death. And they’re at inside and the Syrian regime is responsible This border crossing provides essential medicines, food and water to Syrians, not only on the border but also deep inside Syria.

Thomas-Greenfield said the United States has supported aid from Syrian-controlled parts of Syria to other parts of the country this year, but reiterated that the border crossing must remain open.

“We also argued in our negotiations with the Russians last year that we would support cross-border humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid from parts of Syria under Syrian control to other parts of Syria. little worked last year, but cannot replace cross-border assistance,” she said.

Regarding Russia’s involvement in the war in Ukraine and the war in Syria, Thomas-Greenfield also said that Moscow’s decision to put the “butcher of Syria” Alexander Dvornikov in command of the assault Russia against Ukraine is another example of Russian brutality. She added that the fact that he continues to commit war crimes is “certainly something the world needs to address moving forward.”

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