The view from inside a soap bubble hypnotizes the internet

The video shows the vise from inside a soap bubble.

Watching bubbles float in the wind and pop is a summer fun that all kids enjoy. Blowing soap bubbles is one of the most popular children’s activities. Some adults also like to watch the bubbles come out of the wand.

But now a video that has gone viral shows you the view from inside a giant soap bubble.

The short video was posted by ViralHog on its YouTube channel. It begins with a film of soap emerging from a giant wand, where the camera is placed. The bubble is then seen reflecting a wide spectrum of colors, like a rainbow.

The colors are visible due to interference between the waves reflected from the top and bottom of the soap bubble.

The giant wand produces a huge bubble, which suddenly vanishes into thin air as the 19-second video ends.

Users are mesmerized by the video. “Simply beautiful! So relaxing too. Could watch for hours,” said one user on YouTube.

“Prism colors are captivatingly beautiful, fossil oil, quite the opposite,” said another.

“Reminiscent of a wormhole,” commented a third user.

Surface tension

This popular phenomenon comes into play when a soap bubble appears, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. It is the property of a liquid surface manifested by its action as if it were a stretched elastic membrane. The bubble floats in the air with a wobbly membrane.

Surface tension can be observed in the almost spherical shape of small drops of liquid and soap bubbles. Due to this property, some insects can stick to the water surface.

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