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Tesla Model Y Performance Review: Overrated?

The Tesla Model Y is one of the most complete electric crossovers on sale. On paper, it’s great with plenty of range, plenty of cargo space and snappy acceleration. Stats-driven YouTuber cleanerwatt is a big fan, often ranking the Model Y as one of the best crossovers on sale using data. However, he never had the opportunity to experience a Y Performance model in person until recently. In his latest video, he found out if the Performance Model Y met his very high expectations.

He’s a big fan of the Model Y’s size, it’s not too big for most parking spaces but it’s big enough to comfortably accommodate a large family. There is plenty of cargo space with plenty of storage components and a large trunk. Rear legroom is good while the panoramic roof creates a light and airy ambience. The front seats are very comfortable and two wireless chargers are a handy touch.

The steering wheel is a good size while visibility is excellent. Although you don’t have a display in front of the driver, you quickly get used to reading your speed on the central display. Voice control is also very efficient and in general the infotainment is excellent. The white interior is striking but not overly shiny.

The Y Performance model offers excellent power, although the ride quality isn’t smooth. Because it has 21-inch alloys and no air suspension, you feel almost every bump in the road. There is also a lot of road noise. The steering is responsive, with the Y not feeling as heavy as it really is. The Supercharger network is another advantage

cleanerwatt concluded that he would recommend the Model Y, but not the Performance. Instead, he’d opt for the Long Range with its higher range and better ride quality.

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