Samsung Display teases us with awesome foldable concept devices

My screen doesn’t shake, it bends

Foldable displays went from a pipe dream to an actual product in 2019 with the launch of Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold. In 2020, the company unveiled an all-new form factor with the Galaxy Z Flip, and successive models proved it wasn’t just a fleeting gadget. While the Flip and Fold series currently dominate Samsung’s foldable efforts — and some of the best phones around — that doesn’t necessarily mean its Display division hasn’t looked at more form factors. With the return of live exhibits from Display Week this year, it’s the perfect time to show off some of these futuristic concepts.

Samsung Display has a booth at Display Week 2022, currently being held in San Jose, California, where it’s showcasing a bunch of cool display innovations that might give us a glimpse of your next foldable phone. Among them are flexible displays, including the Flex G and Flex S concepts, last shown at CES 2022. Both are tri-fold panels and work for both compact smartphones and devices from the the size of a tablet, the former folding inward twice and the latter folding both inward and outward. A concept video provided by the company demonstrates exactly how you would use these screens.


In the video we can also see some of the other models that Samsung is working on. A 6.7-inch sliding design – in other words, a roll-up panel – that extends upwards is a highlight here, which Samsung says is ideal for documentary work and social media. Another sliding unit is an 8.1-inch screen that can expand horizontally to both sides and reach 12.4 inches.

In its press release, Samsung also talks about a “Gaming Foldable OLED” which allows the user to attach controllers on either side of the screen and a “Digital Cockpit” for the automotive sector which is available in sizes ranging from 7 inches to 15.4 inches. One thing is certain: Samsung is betting on a future where everyone’s screens will fold, and it wants to be at the forefront of that.

Like the prototypes shown at CES 2022, these displays aren’t yet part of any product on Samsung’s roadmap, but that could always change in the future. Who knows, the Galaxy Fold once looked like a futuristic, far-off concept.

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