New Jersey has the second fastest Internet access

New Jersey has the second fastest Internet access

Most New Jersey residents rely on their internet connection to work remotely, go to school online, and stay in touch with loved ones.

So it’s no surprise that The Garden State has the second-fastest internet speed in the country, according to a new report from

Researcher Laura Leininger said this is an annual report where they analyze the speed test results for a year (this year there were 1.4 million speed test results) , then they take the average numbers from each city and tabulate those numbers across the states to determine the fastest and slowest states.

“This year, New Jersey’s average download speed is 144.72 megabits per second. Interestingly, New Jersey was also the second fastest state. Last year in 2021, their average download speed was 120, 4 megabits per second,” Leininger said.

To give some context, the national average internet speed this year is 119.03 Mbps, so New Jersey is faster than the national average.

When COVID-19 hit, Leininger said the nation relied heavily on the internet to connect with others on Zoom, to work remotely or go to school online, and even go on dates. of telehealth.

As the pandemic normalized, she said internet speeds increased to keep up with that, as people needed to be online for just about everything.

Internet speeds have increased across the country in recent years. This continuing trend reflects the increased demand for faster speeds. In fact, many parts of the United States have also seen expanded access to technologies such as fiber internet and 5G, further contributing to increased speeds.

A state’s internet speed depends on the internet options available in each state. Leininger said the East Coast is home to the fastest internet speeds in the country with average speeds more than double the speeds found in rural states, which rank near the bottom of the list.

Less populated states, which lack infrastructure, funding and availability for internet options, have slower internet speeds, she added.

Delaware has the fastest internet speed in the country at 145.8 Mbps, only slightly higher than second place New Jersey. Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, California, Georgia, and Florida round out the top 10 states with the fastest internet speeds.

West Virginia, a relatively sparsely populated rural state, has the slowest internet speed in America at 60.7 Mbps. Montana, Wyoming, Maine, Idaho, Arkansas, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Iowa round out the top 10 states with the slowest internet speeds.

New Jersey’s neighbors New York and Pennsylvania ranked 15th and 17th on the fast internet service lists.

“Make sure, especially if you are working remotely, that you test your internet speed frequently and are happy with your speed. If not, take a look at what you can do to get the speed up. Internet you need, because it’s super, super important to have good internet access these days,” Leininger said.

For a full report to see where each state ranks, visit

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