Google Play improves privacy, payments and subscriptions

Google Play improves privacy, payments and subscriptions

Google is introducing several new features that will help game and app developers engage and grow their audience while further improving privacy and security.

At this year’s Google I/O, the Google Play team is focusing on new initiatives to create an even safer app ecosystem for users and developers, while adding new tools for developers . These include new custom store listing options, increased flexibility in pricing models for in-app subscriptions, and more. The Google Play team showcased these new initiatives during their What’s New in Google Play session at Google I/O 2022.

Privacy and Security

The Google Play SDK Console for Developers is getting a new Google Play SDK Index to help developers determine which app permissions are required by the most widely used commercial SDKs.

The new index will include over 100 commonly used SDKs for things like integration with social networks and advertising services. Safety signals will allow developers to make an informed decision whether using a given SDK is right for their business.

Google is also improving app signing methods to ensure they are trustworthy. A new Play Integrity API protects users and developers by helping games and apps detect fraudulent and risky behavior.

Custom store listings

Developers will now be able to create up to 50 custom store listings that can be presented to different audiences based on how and where they access the Play Store. These personalized lists can be displayed based on the visitor’s country or region or the marketing channel or link a potential customer uses to get to the app’s page on the Play Store.

For example, a developer of a recipe search app might run targeted Search Network ad campaigns for Halloween, Diwali, or other fall celebrations, each of which might deep link to a personalized store listing for highlight seasonal revenue directly related to the user’s announcement. seen.

Along the same lines, Google is releasing its LiveOps feature as a beta for all developers. This will allow developers to submit content such as limited time offers, events, and major updates for their app or game to be considered for inclusion on the Play Store. Google claims that LiveOps generates 5% more active users over 28 days and 4% more revenue for developers who use this feature.

Improved payment and subscription options

The Play Store allows developers to lower prices even further, with new ultra-low prices that allow apps and games to sell for as little as $0.05 – or the equivalent in any other market. This will enable locally relevant sales and promotions, as well as support for microtransactions such as tipping.

Google has also expanded its payments library for Play Commerce to include more than 300 local payment methods in 70 countries, including eWallet payment methods such as MerPay in Japan, KCP in Korea, and Mercado Pago in Mexico.

Customers will also soon benefit from more flexible subscription options in their favorite apps and games. Google notes that it has redesigned the entire dev experience for managing subscriptions, allowing apps to offer multiple base plans and offers per subscription. More importantly, developers will finally be able to update their subscription prices for new customers without affecting existing subscribers. This means that developers can now raise prices without penalizing their most loyal customers.

Developers can now offer prepaid plans in place of subscriptions, allowing their customers to have access for a set amount of time without worrying about being caught out by auto-renewals. Much like a prepaid phone plan, customers will be able to purchase top-ups at any time, either directly within the app or on the in-app subscription screen in the Play Store.

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