Air Force veteran uses Bluetooth device to track down stolen property in northwest Oklahoma City

Air Force veteran uses Bluetooth device to track down stolen property in northwest Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — An Air Force veteran has taken matters into his own hands after his trailer was stolen from a public warehouse in the Yukon.

“This trailer is about $2,000,” said Troy Harrod. “So when he was found, Oklahoma City police indicated that [the theft] was a crime.

Harrod filed a police report with Canadian County, but he didn’t want to let the crooks get away, so he used a Tile (a Bluetooth tracking device) that led him to his stolen merchandise at his home in the northwest of Oklahoma City on May 8.

Harrod believes the culprits broke the trailer’s tongue lock and drove off with the trailer on April 29. He claims he was never informed that the trailer was stolen.

“I was upset that he had been missing for so long, and there was a lock laying on the floor, and then nobody told me,” Harrod said.

After locating the trailer at someone’s home, he contacted Oklahoma City Police for assistance.

“The police showed up, questioned me and tried to contact the owner,” Harrod said. “Once I could prove it was my trailer, we hooked it up.”

Harrod said no one was home at the time, but police contacted the owner.

He claims that the place where the owner works is the same restaurant that the Bluetooth sent three times.

“I don’t know if he stole it or bought it stolen,” Harrod said. “Maybe he didn’t know he had already been robbed.”

Harold told KFOR that when he asked the surveillance footage storage facility, he was told the cameras were not working.

KFOR attempted to speak with an employee about the cameras not working and the allegations of theft of objects, but were refused an interview.

Troy says he would have been distraught if it hadn’t been for the little device.

“I think it’s more common than people realize,” Harrod said. “I give credit to these Bluetooth tracking devices.”

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